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The visualization system integrated in Automation Studio is an effective tool that can be used to create line displays or control integrated or remote XGA displays with keys and/or touch screens.

Integration of the visualization system in the control means that the communication times that are normally required for remote visualization systems are no longer an issue.

Visual Components

  • Creating process diagrams WYSIWYG
  • Displaying process diagrams on the target system
  • Common management of both the visualization and controller projects
  • Supporting displays from 2x20 characters to XGA resolution
  • True color support for color displays
  • Interactions via keys and touch screen
  • Flexible key assignments for hardware keys and touch buttons
  • Structured arrangement of visualization components in the project
  • Standard controls for designing process images
  • Language switching with Unicode support
  • Management and display of current and past alarms
  • Display of trend data
  • Style sheets for managing the properties of objects (GUI template)
  • Uniform management of and access to process data
  • Unit switching, scaling and limiting process data
  • Open user interface (API)
  • Remote operation in terminal mode or as VNC visualization system
  • Scalable runtime system


  • Lines and shapes
  • Touch keys with bitmaps and text whose appearance and responses can be configured
  • Hotspots for defining touch fields on touch screens
  • Text input and output fields, Unicode-capable with language switching and format options
  • Bitmaps that can be animated by overlapping and connecting with groups
  • Flexible bar graphs with color switching
  • Numeric input and output with touch screen support
  • ListBox control for input and output
  • Drop down control
  • Date and time formats, display can be configured (depending on language)
  • Flexible alarm control with colors and symbols to differentiate between alarms
  • Flexible trend control element for displaying trend curves
  • Edit control element for entering texts (similar to Notepad)
  • HTML control element for displaying HTML pages
  • Password entry
  • Pie chart
  • Media control element for playing audio and video files (Windows®-based visualization systems)

Representation on graphic displays

  • Support of TrueColor (32-bit) graphics in the editor and during runtime
  • Management of all image files used in a project (BMP, PNG, GIF)
  • Transparent colors for 8-bit and 32-bit graphic files (alpha channel)
  • Preset images for alarm system and numeric/alphanumeric touchpads
  • Symbol library with over 6000 graphics
  • Color mapping tables for indexing the foreground and background colors of control elements using Boolean variables

Scalable runtime system

  • Automation Runtime or Windows runtime system
  • Terminal mode - multiple visualization systems can be configured on a controller
  • Remote operation of the visualization system via VNC using a modem, Intranet or Internet connection
  • Parallel access to multiple visualization systems
  • Visualization, drive and control programs and an operating system on a CompactFlash

Language switching with Unicode support

  • International configuration with scalable Unicode True Type fonts
  • Language switching during runtime and during development
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Text translation with export/import formats
  • External language import using a command line tool

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