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The future of mobile automation

B&R presents: The modular X90 control and I/O system

B&R continues to open up new possibilities in mobile automation with its innovative X90 product line for mastering mobile control and I/O tasks. The comprehensive set of standardized components is perfect for implementing flexible automation concepts.

The heart of the X90 system is a controller with a powerful ARM processor and 48 multifunction I/O channels. Basic features include interfaces for CAN, Ethernet and the real-time POWERLINK bus system.

Maximum flexibility

The extremely robust cast aluminum housing provides space for up to four expansion cards. These can add additional I/O channels, interfaces and even a full-fledged safety controller with safe I/O. Additional expansion cards for USB, WLAN, Bluetooth and GPS interfaces are in planning.

Maximum protection

All products in the X90 family are designed for use in harsh industrial environments. They can handle operating temperatures from -40 to 85°C as well as strong vibrations or shocks in addition to being resistant to salt, UV light and oil.

Maximum integration

The X90 system offers all of the advantages offered by B&R automation technology. This includes modular and hardware-independent software development using modular software blocks, which greatly reduce software development times and ensure software reusability. Safety technology and extensive troubleshooting options are also fully integrated in the B&R system and available to X90 users without limitations.

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