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Receiving design support

Macros for ECAD systems


The electronics in a machine must be designed in a manner which optimally utilizes the materials and space available. Graphic ECAD systems have established themselves as the right tool for the job.

Every module in the ACOPOSmulti drive system comes with pre-designed electronic descriptions of the mechanical dimensions and the electrical signals. These macros are loaded directly to the well-established ECAD systems.

Design and changes are immediately reflected at all levels of development. This saves time for the more important tasks and prevents errors right from the start.

3D CAD documents

The goal is always to get the most out of a control cabinet, however it is becoming more and more common for electronic components to be placed wherever the machine construction allows. These machine-specific control cabinets can be designed optimally. 3D CAD data in STEP format is used to design the control cabinets when using various modules in the ACOPOSmulti drive system.

The accelerated development, programming, maintenance and documentation involved with the ACOPOSmulti drive system mean lower costs, enhanced quality and increased sales by entering the market earlier.

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