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    ULcULus E115267
    Industrial control equipment
    HazLoccULus HazLoc E180196
    Industrial control equipment
    for hazardous locations
    Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, T4
    Yes, although applies only if all components installed within the complete system have this certification and the complete system itself carries the corresponding mark.
    DNV GLTemperature: B (0 - 55°C)
    Humidity: B (up to 100%)
    Vibration: A (0.7 g)
    EMC: B (Bridge and open deck)
    Yes, although applies only if all components installed in the complete system have this certification and are listed on the associated DNV GL certificate for the product family.
    NoteProtected against vibration by the screw flange
    Nominal values according to UL
    Number of pins3 (female)
    Type of terminal blockCage clamp terminal block
    Cage clamp terminal blocks cannot be used side-by-side.
    Cable typeOnly copper wires (no aluminum wires!)
    Spacing5.08 mm
    Connection cross section
    AWG wire26 to 12 AWG
    Wire end sleeves with plastic covering0.20 to 1.50 mm²
    Solid wires0.20 to 2.50 mm²
    Fine strand wires0.20 to 2.50 mm²
    With wire end sleeves0.20 to 1.50 mm²
    Nominal voltage300 V
    Nominal current
    The limit data for each I/O module must be taken into consideration.
    10 A / contact
    Contact resistance≤5 mΩ
    Pollution degree per EN 61131-2Pollution degree 2


Product description:
Material number:

This 1-row, 3-pin 0TB103 terminal block is used for the power supply.

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