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The ACOPOSmulti drive system integrates the 24V supply for drives as well as for the PLC, PC, or peripherals (optional). This doesn't just minimize space requirements; it also ensures predictable machine behavior when power is lost.

Supply for the PLC, drives and peripherals

Why was an effort made to include peripheral devices as well as drives in the 24V supply design of the ACOPOSmulti drive units? The answer is easy when taking a closer look at modern production machines, particularly their behavior when power failures or power dips occur. While earlier production machines were positively driven with the help of mechanical cams, modern systems are equipped with electronic cam profiles. The well-known advantages of flexibility and wear-free electronics also have a disadvantage: Loss of the cam profile link when a power failure occurs.

Power failures are not a problem

ACOPOSmulti addresses this issue with its integrated 24V auxiliary supply module. The kinetic energy created in the motors when braking is returned to the DC bus where it is available as electrical energy. This electrical energy is distributed to the drives and even the PLC, PC, or peripherals if necessary. To ideally distribute this limited energy during a power failure, the auxiliary supply modules have a fixed output as well as a 24V output that can be switched off in order to cut off the supply for non-essential peripheral components. Devices can be connected directly to the common DC bus on the drive and have open-circuit, short-circuit, and overload protection. This is the ideal solution for electronically linked systems to utilize the advantage of mechanical cams - the defined reference for the angle of the axes is maintained during a loss of or dip in the power supply.

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