Short description
Interfaces 1x RS232, 1x Ethernet, 1x POWERLINK V1/V2, 2x USB, 1x X2X Link
System module CPU
General information
B&R ID code 0x1F18
Cooling Fanless
Status indicators CPU function, overtemperature, Ethernet, POWERLINK, CompactFlash, battery
Battery Yes, using LED status indicator and software
CPU function Yes, using LED status indicator
CompactFlash Yes, using LED status indicator
Ethernet Yes, using LED status indicator
POWERLINK Yes, using LED status indicator
Overtemperature Yes, using LED status indicator
Diagnostics - Fan -
ACOPOS support Yes
Visual Components support Yes
Power consumption without memory card, interface module and USB 10.5 W
Internal power consumption of X2X Link and I/O power supply
Bus 1.42 W
Internal I/O 0.6 W
Additional power dissipation caused by actuators (resistive) [W] -
Electrical isolation
IF1 - IF2 Yes
IF1 - IF3 Yes
IF1 - IF4 No
IF1 - IF5 No
IF1 - IF6 Yes
IF2 - IF4 Yes
IF2 - IF5 Yes
IF3 - IF4 Yes
IF3 - IF5 Yes
IF4 - IF5 No
IF4 - IF6 Yes
IF5 - IF6 Yes
PLC - IF1 No
PLC - IF2 Yes
PLC - IF3 Yes
PLC - IF4 No
PLC - IF5 No
PLC - IF6 Yes
CE Yes
ATEX Zone 2, II 3G Ex nA nC IIA T5 Gc
IP20, Ta (see X20 user's manual)
FTZÚ 09 ATEX 0083X
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
HazLoc cCSAus 244665
Process control equipment
for hazardous locations
Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, T5
DNV Temperature: B (0 - 55°C)
Humidity: B (up to 100%)
Vibration: B (4 g)
EMC: B (bridge and open deck)
KR Yes
KC Yes
CPU and X2X Link power supply
Input voltage 24 VDC -15% / +20%
Input current Max. 2.2 A
Fuse Integrated, cannot be replaced
Reverse polarity protection Yes
X2X Link power supply output
Nominal output power 7 W
Parallel connection Yes
Redundant operation Yes
Input I/O power supply
Input voltage 24 VDC -15% / +20%
Fuse Required line fuse: Max. 10 A, slow-blow
Output I/O power supply
Nominal output voltage 24 VDC
Permissible contact load 10 A
Power supply - General information
Status indicators Overload, operating status, module status, RS232 data transfer
RS232 data transfer Yes, using LED status indicator
Module run/error Yes, using LED status indicator and software
Overload Yes, using LED status indicator and software
Electrical isolation
I/O supply - I/O power supply No
CPU/X2X Link supply - CPU/X2X Link power supply Yes
CompactFlash slot 1
Real-time clock Nonvolatile, resolution 1 s, -20 to 20 ppm accuracy at 25°C
Type Celeron 400
L2 cache 256 kB
L1 cache for data and program code 2x 16 kB
Integrated I/O processor Processes I/O data points in the background
Modular interface slots 1
Remanent variables Max. 256 kB
Shortest task class cycle time 400 µs
Typical instruction cycle time 0.0055 µs
Data buffering
Battery monitoring Yes
Lithium battery At least 3 years
Standard memory
Interface IF1
Type RS232
Variant Connection via 12-pin terminal block TB12
Transfer rate Max. 115.2 kbit/s
Interface IF2
Type Ethernet
Variant Shielded RJ45
Line length Max. 100 m between 2 stations (segment length)
Transfer rate 10/100 Mbit/s
Interface IF3
Fieldbus POWERLINK V1/V2
Type 100BASE-T (ANSI/IEEE 802.3)
Variant Shielded RJ45
Line length Max. 100 m between 2 stations (segment length)
Transfer rate 100 Mbit/s
Interface IF4
Type USB 1.1
Variant Type A
Max. output current 0.5 A
Interface IF5
Type USB 1.1
Variant Type A
Max. output current 0.5 A
Interface IF6
Type X2X Link master
Quantity 1
Operating conditions
Mounting orientation
Horizontal Yes
Vertical Yes
Installation elevation above sea level
0 to 2000 m No limitation
>2000 m Reduction of ambient temperature by 0.5°C per 100 m
Degree of protection per EN 60529 IP20
Ambient conditions
Horizontal mounting orientation 0 to 55°C
Vertical mounting orientation 0 to 50°C
Derating -
Storage -25 to 70°C
Transport -25 to 70°C
Relative humidity
Operation 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Storage 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Transport 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Mechanical properties
Note Order application memory (CompactFlash) separately.
Backup battery included in delivery
X20 end cover plate (right) included in delivery
12-pin X20 terminal block included in delivery
Interface module slot covers included in delivery
Width 150 mm
Height 99 mm
Depth 85 mm
Material number:
  • Intel Celeron 400 Performance with additional I/O processor
  • Ethernet, POWERLINK and USB onboard
  • 1 slot for modular interface expansion
  • CompactFlash as removable application memory
  • Fan-free
  • Extremely compact

The X20CP1485 is a powerful CPU for the X20 System. This CPU is especially useful for applications that require short cycle times, have to process very large amounts of data, or carry out floating point operations.

Ethernet and USB are onboard. In addition, the CPU has a POWERLINK connection for real-time communication. The only differences from the X20CP3485 are that the X20CP1485 only has one slot for interface modules and a smaller width.

The CPU models X20CP1485 and X20CP1485-1 differ only by SDRAM size.

Mandatory Accessories
CompactFlash cards
0CFCRD.016GE.02 CompactFlash 16 GB extended temp.
0CFCRD.0512E.02 CompactFlash 512 MB extended temp.
0CFCRD.1024E.02 CompactFlash 1024 MB extended temp.
0CFCRD.2048E.02 CompactFlash 2048 MB extended temp.
0CFCRD.4096E.02 CompactFlash 4096 MB extended temp.
0CFCRD.8192E.02 CompactFlash 8 GB extended temp.
Optional Accessories
0AC201.91 Lithium batteries 4 pcs., 3 V / 950 mAh button cell
4A0006.00-000 Lithium battery, 3 V / 950 mAh, button cell
Automation Studio HW Upgrades Version (Date) Download
V2.6 HW Upgrade (X20CP1485) EXE / 2 MB
V3.0 HW Upgrade (X20CP1485) EXE / 3 MB
V4.0 HW Upgrade (X20CP1485) EXE / 2 MB
Certificates Version (Date) Download
244665 CSA HazLoc Certificate of Compliance X20, X67 PDF / 149 KB
ABS Certificate of Product Design Assessment - X20 IO Series PDF / 2 MB
DNV Type Approval Certificate - X20 PDF / 193 KB
E115267 UL CoC X20 PDF / 654 KB
FTZU 09 ATEX 0083X PDF / 771 KB
KR Type Approval Certificate MIL39390-AC003 (X20 System) PDF / 758 KB
Lloyds Register PDF / 502 KB
RINA Type Approval Certificate - X20 / Power Panel T30 PDF / 1 MB
X20, X67 KC certificates PDF / 6 MB
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Datasheet X20CP1485 PDF / 4 MB
E-CAD (Electro or EPLAN Templates) Version (Date) Download
X20 EPLAN P8 from V2.4 EXE / 158 MB
M-CAD (Mechan. Templates) Version (Date) Download
3D File DXF/STEP X20 CPU modules X20CP1x8x ZIP / 81 KB
Dimensions PDF X20 CPU 1-Slot X20CP148x PDF / 5 KB

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