General information
Capacity 512 MB
Data retention 10 years (when new) to 1 year (end of service life)
Data reliability <1 unrecoverable error per 1017 bits read
Lifetime monitoring Yes
MTBF >3,000,000 hours (at 25°C)
Servicing None
Supported operating modes Up to UDMA6 / MDMA4 / PIO6
Continuous reading
Typical 32.2 MB/s
Continuous writing
Typical 19.9 MB/s
CE Yes
DNV In preparation
SLC flash memory Yes
Erase/Write cycles
Guaranteed 100,000
Wear leveling Global, dynamic and static
Error-correcting code (ECC) Yes
S.M.A.R.T. support Yes
Storage health data support Yes
Hardware X20CPxxxx
Ambient conditions
Operation -40 to 85°C
Storage -50 to 100°C
Transport -50 to 100°C
Relative humidity
Operation Max. 85% at 85°C
Storage Max. 85% at 85°C
Transport Max. 85% at 85°C
Storage 20 g peak, 10 to 2000 Hz
Transport 20 g peak, 10 to 2000 Hz
Storage 1500 g peak (JESD22, method B110)
Transport 1500 g peak (JESD22, method B110)
Mechanical properties
Width 42.8 ±0.10 mm
Length 36.4 ±0.15 mm
Height 3.3 ±0.10 mm
Weight 10 g
Material number:
CompactFlash 512 MB extended temp.
Certificates Version (Date) Download
E115267 UL CoC X20 PDF / 654 KB
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Data sheet CompactFlash 0CFCRD.xxxE.02 PDF / 204 KB

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