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CompactFlash cards are easily replaceable storage media. Due to their robustness against environmental influences (temperature, shock, vibration, etc.), CompactFlash cards are ideal for use as storage medium in industrial environments.

CompactFlash cards used in industrial automation must be extremely reliable. To achieve this, the following points are very important:

  • The flash technology used
  • An efficient algorithm for maximizing service life
  • Good mechanisms for detecting and correcting errors in the flash memory

CompactFlash cards are currently available with MLC (multi-level cell) and SLC (single-level cell) flash blocks.
SLC flash memory has a guaranteed service life 10 times longer than MLC flash memory, which means that only CompactFlash cards with SLC flash blocks are used for industrial applications.

Material Number Description
0CFCRD.0512E.01 CompactFlash 512 MB extended temp.
0CFCRD.2048E.01 CompactFlash 2048 MB extended temp.
5CFCRD.016G-06 CompactFlash 16 GB B&R (SLC)
5CFCRD.032G-06 CompactFlash 32 GB B&R (SLC)
5CFCRD.0512-06 CompactFlash 512 MB B&R (SLC)
5CFCRD.1024-06 CompactFlash 1 GB B&R (SLC)
5CFCRD.2048-06 CompactFlash 2 GB B&R (SLC)
5CFCRD.4096-06 CompactFlash 4 GB B&R (SLC)
5CFCRD.8192-06 CompactFlash 8 GB B&R (SLC)

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