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The latest generation Core i-series features a multi-core microarchitecture with integrated graphics. In addition to graphics, the processors contain the cores, memory controller and cache memory. The memory controller supports DDR3 RAM, with a clock rate that has increased to 1600 MHz to provide faster data exchange between the processor and the DRAM.


Hyper-Threading Technology from Intel enables each core to process two tasks simultaneously. This optimizes processor utilization and boosts the performance of the system as a whole. When running resource-intensive applications, this also ensures that there is plenty of computing power left over for programs running concurrently.

Turbo Boost

When the situation calls for it, the processor automatically shifts into high gear with Intel's Turbo Boost Technology. This dynamically increases the processor frequency beyond the base operating frequency when the workload demands additional performance. CPU power can therefore be increased temporarily when necessary.

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