ACOPOSremote drive systems have access to multiple technology-specific functions whose performance, flexibility and capability have been remarkably proven in countless applications. The ACOPOS functions listed below are basic functions which the user can switch between as needed within 400 µs. Furthermore, manipulations such as changes in product length, print mark control, overlying torque control, brief process adaptations and quality checks can be carried out at any time.

  • Point-to-point movements
  • Electronic gears
  • Electronic compensation gears
  • Cutting units
  • Electronic cam profiles
  • Flying saws
  • Line shafts
  • CNC

ACOPOSremote servo drives can be used in various configurations depending on the requirements of the application. The functions listed above are available to the user in each of the topology examples shown.

Reaction speeds are not influenced by the control system being used if technology functions are processed directly on the ACOPOSremote drive system. Additional sensors and actuators must be integrated in the control system for more complex processes. In these cases, the level of performance depends mostly on the type of network and control system being used. The topology examples shown on the following pages provide an overview of the bandwidths that are possible with B&R automation components.

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