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Communication and I/O are completely isolated electrically. Disturbances or voltage dips on the I/O side do not affect the bus. Performing diagnostics is always possible.

These systems are equipped with integrated reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, protection when switching inductances and the highest level of protection for the electronics as well.

I/O power via two pairs of leads provides up to 8 amps for outputs or supplies additional modules.

Well supplied
Many sensors and actuators require a 24 VDC power supply. With X67 modules, this is integrated in all digital connections and also provides protection against short circuits.

Seamless 360° shield grounding from the cable over the connector directly on the threading of the M12 connector, through to the metal backplane of the module and over the mounting screws straight to the machine provides a complete ground connection for all bus and analog signals.

X67 systems can be expanded to include up to 250 modules with up to 100 m between them.

The central position of the two mounting screws prevents misalignment of the housing in standard aluminum frames with wedge nut installations.

Synchronous I/O processing, adjustable software filters, integrated counter functions, flexible standard functions – these are just a few of the X67 system's many advantages.

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