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With wind energy, moving air masses drive wind turbines in order to generate electrical energy. In particular, low-cost onshore wind power contributes a significant portion of worldwide power. For offshore wind power, it is expected that the costs will decrease dramatically because of new technologies and new installation and maintenance concepts.

Older wind turbines will be either replaced by newer, larger systems, which is referred to as repowering, or their lifespan will be extended by installing new components. Energy yield is increased by implementing new technologies, which is referred to as retrofitting.

Less wear, higher efficiency


Safer wind power
Condition monitoring increases wind turbine reliability, prevents failures – and ultimately makes them both safer and more profitable. But how does it do that? More...

Substantial potential for optimizing azimuth control
Mechanical loads increase wear on wind turbines. This is now be largely avoided. More...


A bright forecast for icy turbine blades. More...

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