Customizing - fast and easy - B&R Panel Designer

Panel Designer allows B&R products to be individually designed:

  • All panels equipped with a panel overlay
  • Front covers of Automation PCs
  • Front covers of the ACOPOS P3
  • Keypad modules from B&R

The customized design is sent directly to the development department and you will receive a draft of the panel overlay design from our designers. After approval, you will receive your product in less than two weeks with customized printing of the panel overlay in the same quality as series production units.

Simply select the hardware product to create a design. The appearance is then adapted using B&R Panel Designer – the free, easy-to-use software tool for creating custom panel designs.

Colors, shapes and text can be added as desired. Graphics such as a company logo can also be easily added and integrated into the design. The B&R Panel Designer immediately shows you what the end product will look like.
This allows you to perfectly adapt B&R devices to your company's design.


  • Customizing with B&R Panel Designer starting with just one piece
  • Corporate design in less than 2 weeks
  • Subsequent orders at series prices with no added cost
  • Support for custom devices available worldwide

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