Short description
mapp Technology 1TGMPSAFETYX.00-01 B&R software license
General information
System requirements
Automation Studio 4.2.5 or later
Automation Runtime Min. F4.25
SafeDESIGNER 4.2.3 or later
Safety Release 1.10 or later
Single-user license Runtime license
Alternative package license mapp flat-rate 1TGMPFLAT.02
Behavior if license missing Solid red LED indicates license violation
Diagnostics Via Automation Studio (SDM, Logger, etc.)
Functional safety IEC 61508:2010, SIL 3
EN 62061:2013, SIL 3
EN ISO 13849-1:2015, Cat. 4 / PL e
IEC 61511:2004, SIL 3
Scope of software license
Included library MpSafetyX
Properties and functions
Tracing variable values No
Dynamic variable assignment No
Recordings No
Data archival None
Data exchange Secure data exchange between HMI elements and the SafeLOGIC controller over 2 communication channels.

Modular software concepts Supported
Web-based diagnostics Yes
XML configuration Yes
Use cases - Safe mode selector switch
- Safe limit value
Material number:
  • User interface for VC4-based HMI applications
  • For up to 8 SafeBOOL or 8 SafeINT parameters
  • For single-choice or multiple-choice applications

Component mapp SafeOPTION or MpSafetyX provides secure data exchange between HMI elements and the SafeLOGIC controller. This makes it possible to transfer safety-related parameters from the HMI application to the safety application. Typical use cases include selecting an operating mode or defining limit or threshold values.

One "OptionManager" function block is supported per SafeLOGIC controller during configuration in Automation Studio. Up to 16 option function blocks can then be used per "OptionManager" function block. The following option function blocks are available:

  • MpSafetyXOptionIntUI: This function block can be used to configure up to 8 SafeBOOL parameters. Either "Multiple-choice" or "Single-choice" mode is possible.
  • MpSafetyXOptionBoolUI: This function block can be used to configure up to 8 SafeINT parameters.

Suitable function blocks for configuration in SafeDESIGNER are included in library "SafeOPTION_SF".

Mandatory Accessories
Technology Guard
0TG1000.01 Technology Guard (MSD)
0TG1000.02 Technology Guard (HID)
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Data sheet MpSafetyX PDF / 3 MB

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