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General information
System requirements
Automation Studio 4.3.4 or later
Automation Runtime B4.34 or later
mapp Technology Package mapp Motion
Basic package license Any mapp Motion basic package license
Behavior when license is missing The functions cannot be used; an LED on the target system is blinking. In addition, an entry is made in the logbook.
CE Not relevant
EAC Not relevant
UL Not relevant
Material number:

Backlash compensation provides spindle pitch and backlash compensation for B&R ACOPOS servo drives. A license is required to use this function with the ACOPOS P3.

Typical applications:
  • Spindle drives
  • High-precision positioning drives with gearbox
  • Robotics applications
Functional scope:

The positioning precision of spindle drives with and without backlash is increased through compensation without requiring an extra encoder on the load side. Control quality can also be significantly improved in other applications with systematic encoder errors and/or mechanical play using pitch and backlash compensation (PBC).
Compared to conventional handling of mechanical play in the setpoint generator, spindle pitch and backlash compensation provides substantial benefits. With condition-based closed-loop control, backlash that occurs on a changing edge is overcome quickly and reliably, and the transition to the new edge is as smooth as possible.

Further information:

See the EULA at

Mandatory Accessories
Technology Guard
0TG1000.01 Technology Guard (MSD)
0TG1000.02 Technology Guard (HID)
Certificates Version (Date) Download
EULA (End User License Agreement) - AR & mapp Technology PDF / 321 KB

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