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In addition to providing traditional control functionality, today's controllers must also be able to record and prepare data for higher-level systems while communicating with a wide range of devices in a network of machines. This requires appropriate programming guidelines and software concepts.

Learning objectives and content

  • General information about software development concepts
  • Deriving and programming state machines
  • Coding guidelines and software documentation
  • Variables, constants and strings
  • Derived data types
  • Fields, structures, subareas, enumeration
  • Initializing, copying and comparing memory
  • Creating user libraries
  • Calling function blocks and status evaluation
  • Basic information about data processing
  • Data storage and administration
  • Using mapp Technology recipe system
  • Data transfer and communication
  • OPC UA server and the user role system

Responsibilities include

  • Participants will create programs with user structures.
  • Participants will create reusable and flexible software.
  • Participants will use library functions to create applications.
  • Participants will create applications with integrated data management.

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