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No machine is out of reach

B&R presents a simple and secure solution for remote maintenance

The new remote maintenance solution from B&R makes diagnosing and maintaining machinery and equipment easier than ever. The solution utilizes the latest IT and security standards and allows for significant savings with low investment costs.

Service technicians can access machines from anywhere in the world. In addition, a certified and encrypted VPN connection is established between the SiteManager on the machine and a gateway, which is usually located at the machine manufacturer's service center. There, all access rights for up to 10,000 machines are stored. A comprehensive machine pool management solution can be set up easily.

Integrated firewall

The SiteManager has integrated digital inputs and outputs. These could be used to connect a key switch, for example, that must be actuated to permit access for maintenance. An integrated firewall provides protection against unauthorized third-party access. In order to avoid conflicts with plant firewalls, communication to the Internet is handled using firewall-compatible encrypted Web protocols. No additional ports must be opened.

Connection via LAN, WLAN or mobile network

All the diagnostics and maintenance functions of the B&R system can be used via a secure VPN connection. The SiteManager is easy to configure in B&R's Automation Studio engineering software, making it perfectly suited for both series-produced or retrofit machines. In cases where a LAN or WLAN connection is not possible or not desired, the VPN connection can be established via a GPRS and UMTS mobile network. This ensures optimal service even for facilities in remote locations without the expense of dispatching a field technician.

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