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Muting function blocks save costs

New muting modes from B&R make light curtains flexible

With its new function blocks for programming network-integrated light curtains, B&R simplifies production of small batch sizes. Box muting, teach-in muting and small object muting functions make it possible for objects of different sizes and shapes to pass through a light curtain without triggering a safety reaction.

Reduced hardware overhead

Network-integrated light curtains can now evaluate each beam of the light curtain individually. Without any additional sensors, the light curtain detects the object profile and sends the data to the safety controller. The result is less hardware and easier installation.

Muting modes as function blocks

Each muting mode is preprogrammed as a certified function block. B&R's advanced muting modes provide all the most commonly required options and make light curtains considerably more flexible than conventional muting technology. For example, long as well as short objects can now be transported through a light curtain. Once installed, no more work is needed.

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