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B&R process control system facilitates vendor-independent data exchange

Users of B&R's APROL process control system can now enjoy even more of the benefits provided by OPC UA. An OPC UA server and OPC UA client are now available directly on APROL's Linux-based runtime servers to allow open, vendor-independent communication.

All APROL variables that the OPC UA server should make available to OPC UA clients via read or write access can be defined through a simple selection process. All data points that should be linked can be easily selected via integrated browser functionality for the OPC UA client. Important attributes such as read or write access are made available automatically.

Communication between systems

Motor management and control units, compact OPC controllers and other devices can directly exchange all important operating, service and diagnostic data with the OPC UA client. In addition, an OPC UA server can be used to connect any number of HMI panels or SCADA systems to the APROL process control system. Communication can also be set up between APROL runtime servers. This is also possible between different APROL systems with different software versions.

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