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Trendsetter in textile machine manufacturing

B&R has many years of experience automating textile machines. Many well-known machine manufacturers place their trust in the innovative strength of B&R products; in doing so, they have increased their technological competitive advantage in their respective markets. B&R provides integrated automation solutions for all types of textile machines, making us the ideal partner for those seeking a complete solution.


Increased machine efficiency

The ACOPOSmulti drive family, developed specifically for multi-axis operation, brings together a whole range of advantages for textile machine manufacturing. The devices can be equipped with various cooling systems, which means that they can be cooled optimally no matter how or where they are installed – even in the toughest environments. Because the servo drives are extremely compact, they can be installed in smaller control cabinets.


Networked production lines

Just like in sports, integrated production lines rely on the effort of the entire team. As a solution provider, B&R has the technology to optimize entire systems. Real-time industrial Ethernet is the foundation for synchronized interactions between individual sub-processes.

iStock - Wertbeständigkeit

Lasting value

As a partner to many machine manufacturers, B&R is well aware of the importance of long-term product availability for our customers. Through careful analysis and selection of all components used, B&R ensures that all products meet the highest technical standards for quality, reliability, and long-term availability. The scalability and compatibility of the hardware provide the foundation for reusability.

Uhr 24-7

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

The machine and systems manufacturing industry demands 24/7 availability. As a highly-qualified international partner, B&R offers intuitive diagnostics functions, remote diagnostics, open interfaces, and worldwide availability of all automation components. These factors ensure unobstructed production without unnecessary downtime.


Total cost of ownership

System decisions are being made more and more with the total cost in mind. B&R supports their customers by ensuring a high level of availability, uniform operation, a modular device structure, total system compatibility and a worldwide support network. With B&R, you gain a partnership that pays off.


Open and flexible architecture

B&R systems are open for standard communication interfaces, both at the machine and the ERP level. The same PLC software can be used in any and all devices. Only the communication medium and the protocol must be configured. Dynamic I/O configurations allow the same software to be used for different hardware topologies. The result is a cost-efficient and highly flexible solution.



openSAFETY is a safety concept that replaces traditional safety wiring with intelligent electronics. Compact machine and line constructions are made possible thanks to the fastest safety circuit response times as well as the highest degree of flexibility in the design of the automation architecture. These can be implemented easily with maximum design freedom and a level of safety that cannot be topped.

Further reading

Fiber preparation
  • Control of the entire line Opening, cleaning, mixing, carding
  • Intelligent networking of machinery
  • Modular system management
  • Maximum nipping speed [nips/min]
  • Optimized comb movement
  • Precise gripper control
  • Fast measurements of scanning disk
  • Integrated FFT analysis
  • Controlled yarn uniformity
  • Automatic can changer
  • High-precision movement of ring-rail
  • Automatic yarn break correction
  • Automatic spool change and transport
  • Highest level of weft insertion performance
  • Configurable drum sequencers for relay nozzles
  • Simple integration of auxiliary devices
  • Simple integration of pattern data
  • Many knitting pattern variations
  • Electronic needle selection
  • Short setup times
Non-woven fabric production
  • Geotextile systems
  • Needle punching machines
  • Spun-bonded web systems
  • Stretching units
  • Cutting machines
  • Winding machines
Textile finishing
  • Optimal straightening with integrated Pattern Control System
  • Dyeing and coating
  • Integrated tension control
  • Highest level of synchronization performance
  • Highly precise angular resolution
  • Flexible grouping of printing units
Ironing and folding
10_Bügeln und Falten
  • Flexible sequential control system
  • Tension control
  • Highly precise temperature control
  • Flexible product size
Washing, dyeing, bleaching
  • Flexible wash sequences
  • Material flow monitoring with barcode reader
  • Configuration of machinery
  • Central monitoring of machine stations
  • Control of worm drives
  • Startup profiles
  • Melt pressure control
  • Configurable zone assignment
  • Synchronization of the total system
  • Configuration of the subsequent devices
  • Precise tension control
  • Highest level of synchronization performance
  • Variable winding patterns
  • Networked spooling stations
  • Highest winding speeds
Weaving & braiding
14_Weben und Flechten
  • Warp and weft thread monitoring
  • 2D and 3D braided fabric
  • Variable profiles of braided groups
  • Short setup times