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The energy industry is facing major challenges because the transition to more renewable energy sources requires new technologies for generating, transmitting, distributing and storing energy. The core objective of the energy industry is ensuring supply while also offering consumers competitive energy prices.

With intelligent solutions, B&R sets standards for connecting different energy systems, data acquisition, and energy measurement, as well as implementing measures to increase energy efficiency.

B&R provides expert solutions in all the various disciplines of energy technology:

  • Conventional power stations
  • Cogeneration of heat and power
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Wind power
  • Solar energy
  • Biomass power stations
  • Biogas power stations
  • Geothermal power stations
  • Wave and tidal power stations
  • Energy storage
  • Energy transmission
  • Inverter and excitation equipment
  • Load management
  • Energy & Media control
  • Energy measurement

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Energy management
  • In accordance with ISO 50001
  • Measurement, logging and evaluation
  • Load management
  • Alarms, trends and reports
  • Simple configuration
  • Ready-to-use solution
Data acquisition
  • Safe data transfer
  • Manipulation-proof data storage
  • Audit Trail FDA conformity (traceability of all changes)
  • Generating alarms
  • Trend system (implemented using a database)
  • Integrated business intelligence solution
Energy measurement
  • Electrical power measurement for current transformers (5 A, 1 A, 20 mA and 333 mV)
  • M-Bus master for volume/mass flow rate counters
  • Analog signal for volume/mass flow rate
  • Count pulses for volume/mass flow rate
  • Connection of any other measurement device via I/O or fieldbus
Power grid synchronization
  • Synchronizing generators to the power grid
  • Generator protection
  • Monitoring of power grid parameters
Connecting power plants in a network
Robust automation platform
Redundancy solutions

Mastering the energy transition

With forecasts predicting at least a 20% increase in energy prices by 2020, improving energy efficiency will be an effective way to control costs in addition to securing a competitive edge. With APROL EnMon, B&R offers a solution to measure, log and evaluate all relevant energy consumption.

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Den Energieverbrauch im Griff haben

Significant savings through improved energy efficiency

Renewable energy has completely upended the landscape of traditional energy technology. Standalone solutions have long run out of steam trying to keep up with controlling processes whose complexity does nothing but increase. A complete solution is needed – a reliable approach that makes it possible to manage complicated systems from a central location.

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"Reliability, availability, compatibility, fast response times, deterministic behavior and an open architecture are all key factors when controlling energy production systems. POWERLINK communication technology meets these requirements for decentralized control systems and machine control systems, and openSAFETY guarantees full data integrity when exchanging data throughout multiple networks. openSAFETY is the only completely open and independent safety standard, and therefore ensures safe data exchange and complete compatibility in a multi-vendor environment. openSAFETY is the ideal solution for crucial automation processes, today and in the future!"

Christian Kervenec Vice President of Technology, Alstom Power Automation & Controls