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Quality and relevance are essential components of our seminars. Their pace is based strictly on the experience that course participants bring with them and tailored to the requirements they face. A combination of group work and self-study provides the high level of flexibility needed to maximize the learning experience.

Each seminar is taught by one of our highly skilled and experienced trainers.


Selected trainee documentation will be provided for the seminar: Training modules

A typical day at a seminar

Unlike studying a topic on one's own, a seminar provides a valuable social component.

Seminar participants have the benefit of interacting with the trainer, asking questions and exchanging ideas with the group. This has proven to be a highly effective approach.

  • Seminar participants welcomed
  • Introductions
  • Discussion of participants' expectations
  • Overview of seminar content and agenda
  • Alternating theoretical lessons and practical exercises
  • Regular breaks giving participants the opportunity to share ideas
  • Conclusion of topics
  • Trainer addresses any open questions
  • Degree for seminar completion awarded
  • Goodbyes

Automation Academy seminars

  • Modular seminar concept
  • Course units build on each other
  • Short lessons with practical exercises
  • Maximum 12 participants per seminar 1
  • One-on-one guidance during exercises
  • Flexible organization
  • Trainers with real-world experience
  • Quickly develop the necessary skills
1 Minimum number of participants: 4 people