General information
Cooling and mounting type Cold plate or pass-through mounting
CE Yes
UL cULus E225616
Power conversion equipment
KC Yes
DC bus connection
Nominal 750 VDC
Operating range in continuous operation 260 to 800 VDC
Full continuous power 315 to 800 VDC
Continuous power consumption Max. 445 W
Power dissipation with continuous power 22 W (0% continuous power)
27 W (50% continuous power)
45 W (100% continuous power)
DC bus capacitance 220 nF
Variant ACOPOSmulti backplane
24 VDC output
Continuous power 400 W
Output voltage
DC bus voltage (UDC): 260 to 315 VDC 25 VDC * (UDC / 315)
DC bus voltage (UDC): 315 to 800 VDC 24 VDC ±6%
Continuous current 16 ADC
Reduction of continuous power at ambient temperatures starting at 40°C No reduction
Reduction of continuous power depending on installation elevation
Starting at 500 m above sea level 40 W per 1000 m
Reduction of continuous power depending on cooling method No reduction
Startup delay Max. 1 s
Startup time Approx. 5 to 20 ms
Residual ripple Typ. 50 mVSS
24 VDC internal system power supply
Output voltage 25 VDC ±1.6%
Peak current (<4 s)
DC bus voltage (UDC): 350 to 800 VDC 21 ADC
Protective measures
No-load proof Yes
Overload-proof Yes
Short-circuit proof Yes
Feedback protection Max. 26 VDC (also when the power is switched off)
Overtemperature protection Yes
Dielectric strength to ground ±50 VDC
Output/Input isolation SELV / PELV requirements
Variant ACOPOSmulti backplane
Operating conditions
Permissible mounting orientations
Hanging vertically Yes
Horizontal, face up Yes
Standing horizontally No
Installation elevation above sea level
Nominal 0 to 500 m
Maximum 4000 m
Pollution degree per EN 61800-5-1 2 (non-conductive pollution)
Overvoltage category per EN 61800-5-1 III
Degree of protection per EN 60529 IP20
Ambient conditions
Nominal 5 to 40°C
Maximum 55°C
Storage -25 to 55°C
Transport -25 to 70°C
Relative humidity
Operation 5 to 85%
Storage 5 to 95%
Transport Max. 95% at 40°C
Mechanical properties
Width 53 mm
Height 317 mm
Cold plate 212 mm
Pass-through mounting 209 mm
Weight Approx. 2.5 kg
Module width 1
  • Extensive protective measures
ACOPOSmulti auxiliary supply module, 16 A, AS, cold plate or pass-through mounting
Необходимые аксессуары
Terminal block sets
8BZ0C032000.000-1A Screw clamp terminal block set for ACOPOSmulti 8B0C0xx0Hx00.000-1 modules: 1x 8TB2106.2010-00
Дополнительные аксессуары
Fan modules
8BXF001.0000-00 Модуль вентилятора для ACOPOSmulti, сменный вентилятор для модулей ACOPOSmulti (8BxP/8B0C/8BVI/8BVE/8B0K)
Terminal blocks
8TB2106.2010-00 6-pin screw clamp terminal block, 1-row, pitch: 5.08 mm, label 1: Numbered consecutively

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