X67 is an I/O solution for all standard fieldbus systems and for direct connections to B&R controllers. The fieldbus may change, but the I/O system always remains the same.

Digital channels that can be configured as inputs or outputs allow the solution to be tailored to the requirements and reduce the total number and variety of modules needed.

Optimal ergonomics and an extremely compact design allow the X67 system to fit anywhere on the machine.

Visual status indicators on the modules and advanced status messages via the bus enable clear-cut diagnostics. Warning and error thresholds for I/O supply, single-channel diagnostics and open line detection are just a few examples.

100 m between modules without restrictions provides more than enough room for reserves, making it easy to set up a configuration even when modules are far apart.

These completely sealed modules are the epitome of robustness, with features for maximizing electromagnetic immunity hidden inside.

Cycle times well below a millisecond also guarantee the necessary reserves for your application. Synchronous I/O processing goes without saying.

Pre-assembled standard cables and automatic module identification reduce installation and commissioning work to an absolute minimum.

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