"The high demands of the semiconductor industry require that we also place the highest demands on the quality and reliability of our suppliers and their products."

Jürgen Seeberger, Production Manager, Semitool Austria GmbH

The American company SEMITOOL modernizes and manufactures machines and systems for the semiconductor industry in Austria. Despite the high level of wages, the specialist for wet chemical procedures is planning further expansion of their manufacturing capacities in the heart of Europe. Together with other local suppliers, B&R provides state-of-the-art technology and fast-paced innovation to help the machines from this Alpine nation remain competitive internationally.

On their way to becoming a finished component, each wafer runs through machines that add and remove materials or remove impurities using wet chemical procedures. As a specialist for building such machines, SEMITOOL has been supplying production solutions to the international semiconductor industry for more than 25 years.

The company's Salzburg subsidiary focuses on the final assembly and comprehensive testing of the machines and systems. Flexibility as well as the highest demands on quality and reliability led SEMITOOL to B&R, whose products are now being used in a variety of ways. With B&R Industrial PCs from the APC series and servo drives from the ACOPOS family, SEMITOOL profits from sophisticated and scalable technology. The use of POWERLINK as the system bus reduces machine wiring, thus allowing a clean control cabinet design. Integration of safety functions will be able to further simplify this task in the future. Through the development and production of an in-house product series at the Salzburg location for a new semiconductor process, B&R technology is being used in SEMITOOL machines all over the world.

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