Short description
Accessories X2X Link connection cable, M12, 4-pin, straight, 2 m
General information
Note Halogen-free
Durability Flame-retardant
Type Connection cables
Cable cross section
Data lines
AWG 2x 24 AWG
mm² 2x 0.25 mm²
Power supply lines
AWG 2x 22 AWG
mm² 2x 0.34 mm²
Cable construction
Signal line
Shield Paired shield with aluminum foil
Stranding Twisted pair wires
Cable stranding 0.35 mm² (AWG 22) with filler
Cable shield Tinned copper braiding, coverage >85%
Outer jacket
Material Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Color Violet
Type Tinned copper ETB1
Data line: fine stranded wire (19x 0.13 mm)
Supply line: Fine stranded wire (19x 0.15 mm)
Wire colors
Data lines Blue, white
Power supply lines Red, black
Wire insulation
Data lines Cell polyethylene (PE)
Power supply lines Polypropylene (PP)
Electrical properties
Rated voltage 250 V
Nominal current Max. 4 A / contact at 40°C
Operating voltage Max. 250 V
Degree of insulation Category II in accordance with IEC 61076-2
Conductor resistance Data line: ≤78 Ω/km
Supply line: ≤55 Ω/km
Insulation resistance ≥100 MΩ
Operating conditions
Degree of protection per EN 60529
Connector/Coupling IP67, only when screwed in
Ambient conditions
Transport -40 to 80°C
Fixed installation -40 to 80°C
Flexible installation -25 to 60°C
Mechanical properties
Length 2 m
Diameter 6.9 mm ±0.2 mm
Bend radius ≥15x outer diameter
Drag chain data
Acceleration Max. 4 m/s²
Flex cycles Min. 2 million
Velocity Max. 3 m/s
Weight 0.063 kg/m
Material number:
X2X Link connection cable, 2 m
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Datasheet X2X Link cables (X67CA0Xxx) PDF / 655 KB
M-CAD (Mechan. Templates) Version (Date) Download
3D File STEP X2X Link Cable X67CA0X01 ZIP / 145 KB

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