General information
Bootloader BIOS AMI
Type Intel® Pentium® M
Clock frequency 1600 MHz
Architecture 0.13 μm
L1 cache 32 kB
L2 cache 1 MB
External bus 400 MHz
Expanded command set MMX technology, streaming SIMD extension 2
Floating point unit (FPU) Yes
Chipset Intel 82855GME (GMHC)
Intel 82801DB (ICH4)
Real-time clock
Accuracy At 25°C: typ. 12 ppm (1 seconds) per day
Battery-backed Yes
Memory slot
Memory size Max. 1 GB
Controller Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (integrated in the chipset)
Memory Up to 64 MB shared memory
Color depth Max. 32-bit
Mass memory management 2 IDE ports, UDMA 100
Material number:
CPU Board Intel Pentium M, 1600 MHz 400 MHZ PSB, 1 MB L2 cache; chipset 855GME; 1 socket for SO-DIMM DDR module.
Mandatory Accessories
5MMDDR.0256-00 SO-DIMM DDR RAM 256 MB PC2700.
5MMDDR.0512-00 SO-DIMM DDR RAM 512 MB PC2700.
5MMDDR.1024-00 SO-DIMM DDR RAM 1024 MB PC2700.
BIOS Version (Date) Download
BIOS Upgrade X855GME ZIP / 487 KB
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Automation PC 620 User manual PDF / 15 MB
Driver Version (Date) Download
Audio driver AC97 (WinXP/XPe) EXE / 18 MB
Chipset driver 815E/855GME (WinXP/XPe) EXE / 3 MB
Ethernet driver Intel Pro100VE 82562 ETH1 (DOS) EXE / 526 KB
Ethernet driver Intel Pro100VE 82562 ETH1 (WinXP/XPe) EXE / 12 MB
Graphics driver 855GME (WinXP/XPe) EXE / 5 MB
Operating systems (Windows …) Version (Date) Download
USB Registry patch (WinXP) ZIP / 3 KB

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