General information
CE Yes
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
Cable construction
Type Straight-through
Supply lines
Conductor resistance ≤30 Ω/km
Material Tinned copper stranded wire
Permissible operating voltage 30 VDC
Outer jacket
Material Silicone- and halogen-free, flame-retardant PUR outer jacket
Color Similar to RAL 7012
Cable elements
Control devices Direct connection between control devices and monitoring device (6 wires)
(2 wires not used on the MP40/50 and MP7x00)
CAN 2 pairs with shielding (5 wires)
Not used on the MP40/50 and MP7x00
Network Twisted pair cable for Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s)
(4 wires, RJ45 connector)
Serial 3 wires
Not used on MP40/50 and MP7x00
Power supply 24 VDC supply voltage and grounding (3 wires), SELV
Enable switch Direct connection between enable switch and monitoring device (6 wires)
(2 wires not used on the MP40/50 and MP7x00)
Type Receptacle for push-pull locking mechanism
Operating conditions
Shield attenuation Per IEC 60096-1, Amendment 2
Flame-retardant Per IEC 60332-1 and VW1 / FT1 in accordance with C-UL
Oil and hydrolysis resistance Per VDE 0282-10
Ambient conditions
Moving -5 to 60°C
Static -20 to 80°C
Mechanical properties
Length 2 m ±0.05 m
Diameter 10 mm
Bend radius Min. 60 mm
Weight 153 g/m
Tension Max. 140 N
Material number:

A straight-through control cabinet cable is required for the wiring inside the control cabinet.
The pinout of the Ethernet connector makes it possible to connect directly to a standard Ethernet hub.

Optional Accessories
4MPCBX.0001-00 Mobile Panel small connection box - For cables with push-pull circular connectors
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Mobile Panel 100/200 User's Manual PDF / 14 MB
Mobile Panel 40/50 User's manual PDF / 18 MB
Mobile Panel 7100 Device number key PDF / 196 KB
Mobile Panel 7100 User's manual PDF / 20 MB
Mobile Panel 7200 user's manual PDF / 9 MB

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