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KCF Editor

The B&R KCF Editor can be used as a simple alternative to the B&R Key Editor. This tool allows function keys and LEDs to be adapted to the application software as needed. Unlike the B&R Key Editor, this program is operated from a simple Windows dialog box instead of graphically on the display. This makes it possible to use the B&R KCF Editor for devices that are not yet supported by the B&R Key Editor. The B&R KCF Editor is a portable application and can be launched on the target device without prior installation (directly from a USB flash drive, for example). An installed ADI driver is required to use the software's full range of functions.

KCF Editor Screenshot
B&R KCF Editor screenshot (version 1.0)
  • Features
  • Configuration of normal keyboard keys (A, B, C, etc.)
  • Special key functions (change brightness, etc.)
  • Assignment of functions to LEDs (HDD access, power, etc.)
  • 4 assignments possible per key (using layers)
  • Configuration of the panel locking time when multiple Automation Panel devices are connected to B&R PCs
  • Configuration export/import (.ini files)
  • Possible to save configuration as a report (text file)
  • Additional features when executing the B&R KCF Editor on the target device1
  • Panel and key detection
  • LED test
  • Configuration uploads/downloads
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