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Reliable verification of quality

APROL PDA for easy-to-use, centralized process data acquisition

Centralized acquisition of operating and process data from machines and equipment using B&R's APROL process control system is now much easier. The new APROL PDA solution has a PDA browser, PDA function blocks and a PDA visualization element. APROL PDA can be used alone as an off-the-shelf solution or integrated into an existing APROL system.

Centralized data acquisition allows for comprehensive online performance monitoring and clear visual overviews. Powerful and extremely reliable long-term archiving makes it possible to track quality for the entire manufacturing process. Highly flexible reports with integrated analysis functions facilitate efforts to optimize production. The combined display of continuous data, alarms and events in the TrendViewer make it easy to trace cause and effect.

One view, multiple HMI applications

The new APROL VNC Viewer and VNC Viewer visualization elements are now available for embedding multiple HMI applications in a single process graphic. The VNC Viewer allows multiple HMI applications – regardless of their respective platforms – to be scaled as needed and displayed in a single process graphic. A web widget is also available for embedding web pages. This can be used to view HMI applications based on HTML 5, content from IP cameras or business intelligence reports.

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