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More than embedded: fully integrated

B&R presents complete machine vision portfolio at SPS IPC Drives

B&R will be presenting intelligent cameras, innovative lighting and advanced image processing algorithms at the SPS IPC Drives fair. The comprehensive machine vision solution is seamlessly integrated in the B&R control system. Other highlights on display at the B&R booth (Hall 7 / Booth 206/114) include B&R's first cloud application for OEMs safe human-track collaboration.

B&R's first cloud application allows OEMs to collect data from their global fleet around the clock and view it in a convenient dashboard. They can use it to make well-targeted machine upgrades, offer next-level service and unlock new revenue streams. The cloud application indicates where maintenance is necessary and provides the basis for tailor-made maintenance service.

Human-track collaboration

B&R is the first manufacturer of intelligent track systems to introduce human-track collaboration. Five integrated safety functions allow humans to work directly alongside the track with no safety barriers – without impairing productivity.

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