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EUROMAP 79: Real-time communication for the plastics industry

EUROMAP working group hosted by B&R

In mid-September, the EUROMAP working group gathered at the B&R headquarters in Eggelsberg, Austria to discuss its recommendation for a real-time communication interface for injection molding machines and robots. The new EUROMAP 79 recommendation is based on the OPC UA open standard with the real-time TSN extension and will enable deterministic real-time communication.

Hardware interfaces have exhausted their potential

As the umbrella organization for Europe's manufacturers of plastics and rubber machinery, EUROMAP develops recommendations that are recognized as industry standards. Until now, communication between injection presses and handling robots has been handled via a plug-and-socket connection standardized in the EUROMAP 67 recommendation. As machines and processes grow in complexity, however, the performance limitations of these hardware interfaces are becoming increasingly evident. This was the motivation for the EUROMAP working group to begin development of a new interface.

OPC UA TSN handles time-critical communication

The new EUROMAP 79 recommendation is based on OPC UA TSN. "With OPC UA TSN, injection molded parts can be extracted with levels of speed and precision that would have been unthinkable with the earlier EUROMAP interface," says Patrick Bruder, plastics industry expert at B&R.

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