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Budding engineers gain experience at B&R

180 students from HTBLA Braunau got to know numerous technical professions at the B&R HQ in Eggelsberg, Upper Austria. During a two-day open house, the budding engineers learned firsthand how their professional futures could possibly turn out.

A close look at real jobs

"The basic idea for the event is that students actually see how the work is done and are not just receiving theoretical information," explains Thomas Dicker, who coordinates cooperation between B&R and various educational institutes. In small groups, the visitors went off to learn about twelve different jobs. At the individual stations, staff explained to the students how B&R's wide range of products are used to automate industrial machines and systems. These systems can be used to manufacturer many different products, such as plastic bottles, pastries or carbon fiber components for automobiles.

Opportunities for development within the company

At the workstations, the students also learned what technical qualification future employees must have and what development opportunities are available at the company. The student's teacher Maximilien Mayr was enthusiastic about the event: "This open house wasn't a company or product presentation, it provides our students an overview of the job opportunities available to them after HTL training."

Longstanding partnership

The partnership between B&R and HTBLA Braunau has existed for over 15 years. In addition to offering an overview of career opportunities in the field of automation, B&R also provides assistance with thesis projects.

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