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B&R trainee program produces its 1000th engineer

Practical preparation for the world of machine and factory automation

The 1,000th participant has graduated from B&R's Engineering Camp . This trainee program prepares young engineers to complete a wide range of tasks in the field of machine and factory automation. The training program developed by B&R unites theory and practice. It takes about four months to complete and is offered at the headquarters in Eggelsberg as well as at B&R subsidiaries in China, India and the USA.

All Engineering Camp courses are held in English to promote the participants' language skills and prepare them for everyday life in an internationally operating company. "Our trainees can't rely on their technical knowledge alone – social competence also plays an important role. Despite their diverse backgrounds and language barriers, they will need to grow together as a team," explains Roland Wagner, head of the Engineering Camp at B&R. So far, participants from 50 different nations have taken part in the Engineering Camp.

Advanced lessons

The training concept is organized into three modules, beginning with the technical basics. Participants learn, for example, how B&R's technology is used to program a machine controller – the brain of the machine, so to speak. Participants build on this knowledge in the advanced courses. At the same time, participants' soft skills are developed in workshops on topics such as presentation techniques and project management.

Consolidating knowledge with hands-on tasks

At the end of the program, the prospective B&R technicians concentrate on real-world applications and put actual machines into operation. "In the B&R training courses, we combine theory with lots of practical exercises," says Wagner. "This is how we optimally prepare the participants for the challenges they will face in their daily work routine."

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