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Automation Studio receives Industrial Usability Award

B&R makes hardware configuration user friendly

For its especially user-friendly approach to hardware configuration, System Designer was distinguished with 1st place by the Industrial Usability Award jury. Incorporated in the B&R Automation Studio development environment, System Designer helps developers configure a project's automation hardware quickly and error-free. The photorealistic topology view shows the hardware just as it will appear in the control cabinet. This earns it extra points for usability and makes work easier for the tool's various user groups.

Clear overview of complex architectures

Having a clear overview of a system's architecture, especially a complex one, is particularly helpful when it comes time to make changes. "It makes a developer's work considerably easier," says Dr. Gernot Bachler, who heads B&R's automation software business unit. "They simply click-and-drag modules and devices from the well-sorted Hardware Catalog, and then place them either in the tree structure or in the 2D control cabinet view." The topology can then be labeled and printed.

Reduced costs, accelerated time to market

System Designer was developed in cooperation with usability expert Dr. Elke Deubzer from the PMO Institute for Usability Engineering and Organizational Development. "Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces help different user groups learn and execute their assigned tasks quickly and easily, ultimately reducing time-to-market," says Dr. Elke Deubzer.

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