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Automation PC 910 from B&R with integrated UPS card

Intelligent safeguard against power outages and fluctuations

For its Automation PC 910, B&R offers a UPS solution that saves both space and costs. Should the external power supply fail, the UPS ensures that data is backed up safely and that programs are closed properly to avoid losing unsaved data. The UPS used by B&R is an online UPS card.

UPS as an insert card saves space and costs

What sets an online UPS apart from a standby UPS is that it runs constantly whenever the PC is on and is therefore able to compensate for power fluctuations in addition to outages. As an insert card, the UPS solution from B&R is especially convenient. Installed directly in the PC, it requires neither housing nor cable connections. This lowers costs and frees up cabinet space, while also reducing power loss.

Two sizes available: 2.2 or 4.5 Ah

The UPS card is available in two sizes. The smaller card, with a capacity of 2.2 Ah, is sufficient for the most common configurations of B&R's extremely customizable industrial PC. For high-performance configurations with extensive options and multiple insert cards, the larger UPS with 4.5 Ah is recommended. The larger card also has a wider temperature range and an exceptionally long service life. Depending on the system configuration, the UPS cards can bridge outages of up to one hour.

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