General information

Cooling type A

C-UR-US listed


Electrical properties

Mains input voltage on servo drive

3x 400 VAC ... 3x 480 VAC ±10%

Connection type

Motor connection

Encoder connection

speedtec circular connector from Intercontec

Size 1

Size 1

Thermal properties

Insulation class per EN 60034-1


Methods of cooling per EN 60034-6 (IC code)

Self-cooling, free circulation surface cooling (IC4A0A0)

Thermal motor protection per EN 60034-11

Maximum winding temperature 140°C

(limited by the thermal motor protection in the B&R drive system to 110°C with EnDat feedback and 130°C with resolver feedback)


Mechanical properties

Vibration severity per EN 60034-14

Vibration severity stage A 1)

Roller bearing, dynamic load rating and nominal service life

Based on DIN ISO 281

Shaft end per DIN 748

Form E

Oil seal per DIN 3760

Form A

Key and keyway per DIN 6885-1

Form A keys, form N1 keyway

Shaft balancing per ISO 1940/1, G6.3

Shaft and fitment key convention

Mounting flange

IEC 72-1

Radial runout, concentricity and axial runout of mounting flange per DIN 42955

Tolerance N




Polyester powder coating

Mansfield 053-2006 polyester

Similar to RAL 9005 flat

Operating conditions

Rating class, operating mode per EN 60034-1

S1 - Continuous operation 2)

Ambient temperature during operation

5°C to 40°C 3)

Relative humidity during operation

5 to 95%, non-condensing

Maximum ambient temperature during operation

40°C 3)

Reduction of the nominal current and stall current at temperatures above 40°C

5% per 5°C

Maximum installation elevation

1000 m above sea level 4)

Reduction of rated and stall current at installation elevations

Starting at 1000 m above sea level

5% per 1000 m

EN 60034-5 protection (IP code)

With oil seal option



Type of construction and mounting arrangement per EN 60034-7 (IM code)

Horizontal (IM3001)

Vertical, motor hangs on the machine (IM3011)5)

Vertical, motor stands on the machine (IM3031)

Storage and transport conditions

Storage temperature

-20 to 60°C

Relative humidity during storage

Max. 90%, non-condensing

Transport temperature

-20 to 60°C

Relative humidity during transport

Max. 90%, non-condensing

1)Valid for all motors with a shaft height greater than 56 mm.
2)The boundary conditions in section must be taken into account.
3)Continuous operation of the servo motors at an ambient temperature of 40°C to max. 45°C is possible, but this results in premature aging.
4)Requirements that go beyond this must be arranged with B&R.
5)With the IM3011 type of construction and installation (vertical, motor hangs on the machine) there is a risk that production fluids or oils will penetrate the motor on the flange side. Motors or motor-gearbox combinations that should be used in this type of installation must therefore have at least IP65 protection on the flange side.

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