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General information
Cable cross section 4x 0.14 mm² + 4x 0.35 mm²
Durability Oil resistance per DIN EN 50363-10-2 (VDE 0207-363-10-2) as well as standard cleaning agents and hydraulic oil
Certification UR AWM style 20963, 80°C, 30 V, E63216
CE Yes
Cable construction
Supply lines
Quantity 4
Wire insulation Special thermoplastic material
Wire colors White/Green, brown/green, blue, white
Variant Tinned copper stranded wire
Cross section 0.35 mm²
Shield No
Stranding No
Signal line
Quantity 4
Wire insulation Polyolefin foam
Wire colors Yellow, gray, pink, violet
Variant Tinned copper stranded wire
Cross section 0.14 mm²
Shield No
Stranding All 4 wires together
Cable stranding With terminating foil shield
Cable shield Copper/Tin braiding, optical coverage ≥85%
Outer jacket
Material PUR
Color Green flat
Labeling B&R 4x0.14 + 4x0.35 FLEX (UL) AWM STYLE 20963 80°C 30 V E63216
Type 9-pin female DSUB connector
Mating cycles <200
Contacts 9
Additional connectors 8-pin male mini I/O servo connector
Connection cycles: <1500
Contacts: 8
Degree of protection per EN 60529: IP30 when connected
Degree of protection per EN 60529 IP20 when connected
Electrical properties
Test voltage
Wire - Wire 1 kV
Wire - Shield 0.5 kV
Conductor resistance
Supply lines ≤55 Ω/km
Signal line ≤134 Ω/km
Insulation resistance >200 MΩ*km
Ambient conditions
Moving -10 to 80°C
Static -40 to 80°C
Mechanical properties
Length 0.4 m
Diameter 6 mm ± 0.2 mm
Bend radius
Single bend ≥19 mm
Moving ≥47 mm
Drag chain data
Acceleration ≤6 g
Flex cycles ≥3,000,000
Velocity ≤4 m/s
Weight 0.03 kg
Material number:
  • ACOPOS P3 adapter cable for digital encoder interfaces
  • Makes it possible to connect an encoder cable with 9-pin DSUB connector to a digital encoder interface on an ACOPOS P3 servo drive or ACOPOS P3 8EAC plug-in module
  • Assembled specifically for use with ACOPOS P3 servo drives and ACOPOS P3 8EAC plug-in modules

Only B&R cables are permitted to be used with ACOPOS P3 SafeMOTION 8EIxxxxxxSx.xxxx-1 servo drives!

Adapter cable 8ECF00X4.1241C-0 is therefore only permitted to be used for ACOPOS P3 SafeMOTION 8EIxxxxxxxxSx.xxxx-1 servo drives if a cable assembled by B&R is connected to the adapter cable (e.g. 8BCFxxxx.1221B-0).

ACOPOS P3 adapter cable for digital encoder interface, length 0.4 m, 1x 4x 0.14 mm² + 4x 0.35 mm², 9-pin female DSUB, 8-pin male Mini I/O connector
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Datasheet 8ECF00X4.1241C-0 PDF / 2 MB

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