General information
LEDs 1x CF (yellow)
1x combined power (red/green) and user (yellow)
2x Ethernet 1 - 10/100 (green) and Link Act (yellow)
2x Ethernet 2 - 10/100 (green) and Link Act (yellow)
Fans No
B&R ID code 0x25C7
Type Renata 950 mAh
Service life 4 years
Removable Yes
Variant Lithium Ion
Power button Yes
Reset button Yes
Backup capacitor
Buffer time None
CE Yes
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
Bootloader BIOS
Type AMD Geode LX800
Clock frequency 500 MHz
L1 cache 128 kB (64 kB I-cache / 64 kB D-cache)
L2 cache 128 kB
External bus 400 MHz
Expanded command set MMX technology, 3D Now
Floating point unit (FPU) Yes
Real-time clock
Accuracy At 25°C: typ. 30 ppm (2.5 seconds) per day
Battery-backed Yes
Supported Automation Panel 900 variants 10.4" VGA color TFT
12.1" SVGA color TFT
15" XGA color TFT
17" SXGA color TFT
19" SXGA color TFT
Type RS232, modem-capable, not electrically isolated
Variant 9-pin DSUB connector
UART 16C550 compatible, 16-byte FIFO
Max. baud rate 115 kbit/s
CompactFlash slot 1
Type Type I
Quantity Up to 3 (Automation Panel onboard interfaces)
Type USB 2.0
Variant Type A
Current-carrying capacity Max. 500 mA per connection
Quantity 2
Transfer rate 10/100 Mbit/s
Max. baud rate 100 Mbit/s
Electrical properties
Nominal current See the technical data for the AP900 devices
Bleeder resistance 1 MΩ
Inrush current See the technical data for the AP900 devices
Power consumption Typ. 5.5 W, max. 8 W
Voltage range 18 to 30 VDC
Galvanic isolation Yes
Mechanical properties
Weight Approx. 233 g
Locating screws
Quantity 2
Max. tightening torque 0.5 Nm
Material number:
  • Can be installed in Automation Panel 900 devices
  • 500 MHz Processor
  • 2x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit interfaces
  • 256 MB SRAM onboard
  • Fan-free operation
Panel PC 300 insert card for the Automation Panel 900; 256 MB SDRAM; CompactFlash slot (Type I); 2x ETH 10/100; RS232; USB 2.0 (via integrated USB 2.0 interfaces on the Automation Panel); battery; 24 VDC (order screw clamp 0TB103.9 or cage clamp 0TB103.91 separately)
Mandatory Accessories
0TB103.9 Connector 24 VDC - 3-pin, female - Screw clamp terminal block 3.31 mm²
0TB103.91 Connector 24 VDC - 3-pin, female - Cage clamp terminal block 3.31 mm²
BIOS Version (Date) Download
BIOS Upgrade ZIP / 250 KB
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Panel PC 300 User's manual PDF / 13 MB
Windows CE 5.0 revision history PPC300 TXT / 1 KB
Driver Version (Date) Download
ADI driver (WinXP/XPe) ZIP / 392 KB
E-CAD (Electro or EPLAN Templates) Version (Date) Download
APx00 EPLAN P8 from V2.4 EXE / 47 MB
Firmware Upgrades Version (Date) Download
Firmware Upgrade (MTCX) ZIP / 124 KB
Operating systems (Windows …) Version (Date) Download
Windows CE 5.0 SDK PPC300 MSI / 44 MB
Tools / Utilities / Examples Version (Date) Download
HMI Diagnostics Utility (WinCE) ZIP / 352 KB

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