Remote Lectures supplement B&R's continuing education portfolio with a virtual classroom, offering an alternative to our on-site seminars. Selected content from our standard seminars is offered online. In addition to remote learning methods, powerful simulation tools and secure remote maintenance are used.

The following advantages result:

  • Reduced travel expenses
  • More time for self-study
  • Support by an online tutor

Remote lectures are held online. Participants will receive an invitation to the virtual classroom via Microsoft Teams. This may require additional registration on the part of the participants.

Participants need a PC with a web browser, microphone and speakers (e.g. USB headset). A second screen and a webcam are recommended, but not mandatory. A stable Internet connection is required.

Live sessions are held daily. Afterwards you will receive exercises. Your tutor will be available in the chat at agreed times. Use chat to discuss experiences with the other participants. Schedule about 3 - 4 hours per day. The time you spend learning can be extended individually.

By eliminating the need to travel to the seminar location, you save time. This time can be used to learn about B&R content. B&R tutorials, training modules and the comprehensive information in Automation Help provide are a fast way to learn about B&R technology.

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