Date: 09.05.2019

Where: de montil, Affligem

There will be live demonstrations available:
• mappTechnology
• mappView
• mappServices
• mappCockpit
• ACOPOStrak simulation
• Edge controller
• Asset Performance Monitor

Show floor with product demonstrations:  
• ACOPOStrak
• Supertrak
• B&R product wall
• Integrated Machine Vision

B&R mapp Technology is revolutionizing the development of application software in the field of automation. These modular software blocks simplify the development of new programs and reduce the development time for new machines and systems by an average of 67%. B&R mapp Technology handles these recurring programming tasks by providing preconfigured blocks – basic functions – that are easy to use and that have already been extensively tested. Programmers can then concentrate on their main task: implementing machine processes in the application software. The mapp components are seamlessly integrated into the B&R Automation Studio development environment. What sets mapp blocks apart is that they are extremely easy to configure and relieve the developer of having to program every single detail.

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