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Short description
I/O module 8 digital outputs 24 VDC
General information
B&R ID code 0x2658
Status indicators I/O function for each channel, actuator power supply for each channel, supply voltage, bus function
Outputs Yes, using status LED and software
Actuator power supply Yes, using status LED and software
I/O power supply Yes, using status LED and software
Connection type
X2X Link M12, B-keyed
Outputs 8x M12, A-keyed
I/O power supply M8, 4-pin
Power consumption
Internal I/O 1.7 W
X2X Link power supply 0.75 W
CE Yes
ATEX Zone 2, II 3G Ex nA IIA T5 Gc
IP67, Ta = 0 - Max. 60°C
TÜV 05 ATEX 7201X
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
HazLoc cCSAus 244665
Process control equipment
for hazardous locations
Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, T5
KC Yes
I/O power supply
Nominal voltage 24 VDC
Voltage range 18 to 30 VDC
Integrated protection Reverse polarity protection
Power consumption
Actuator power supply Max. 12 W
Digital outputs
Quantity 8
Variant FET positive switching
Nominal voltage 24 VDC
Switching voltage I/O power supply minus residual voltage
Nominal output current 2 A
Total nominal current 8 A
Output circuit Source
Output protection Thermal cutoff for overcurrent and short circuit, integrated protection for switching inductances, reverse polarity protection for output power supply
Actuator power supply
Actuator current 0.1 A
Total nominal current 0.5 A
Diagnostic status Output monitoring with 10 ms delay
Leakage current when the power is switched off 5 µA
Switching on after overload shutdown Approx. 10 ms (depends on the module temperature)
Residual voltage <0.5 V at 2 A nominal current
Peak short-circuit current <21 A
Switching delay
0 → 1 <250 µs
1 → 0 <270 µs
Switching frequency
Resistive load Max. 100 Hz
Braking voltage when switching off inductive loads 50 VDC
Actuator power supply
Voltage I/O power supply minus voltage drop for short circuit protection
Voltage drop for short-circuit protection at 500 mA Max. 2 VDC
Summation current Max. 0.5 A
Short-circuit proof Yes
Electrical properties
Electrical isolation
Channel isolated from bus

Channel not isolated from channel
Operating conditions
Mounting orientation
Any Yes
Installation elevation above sea level
0 to 2000 m No limitations
>2000 m Reduction of ambient temperature by 0.5°C per 100 m
Degree of protection per EN 60529 IP67
Ambient conditions
Operation -25 to 60°C
Derating See section "Derating"
Storage -40 to 85°C
Transport -40 to 85°C
Mechanical properties
Width 53 mm
Height 155 mm
Depth 42 mm
Weight 330 g
Torque for connections
M8 Max. 0.4 Nm
M12 Max. 0.6 Nm
Malzeme Numarası:
  • 8 digital outputs
  • Outputs can handle up to 2 A
  • Node number switches for setting the X2X Link address
  • 1:1 replacement for passive distributors
  • All outputs with single-channel diagnostics
  • Extensive additional status information

The module is a digital output module with 8 channels. The outputs can handle up to 2 A. The summation current is 8 A.

The node number switches for setting the X2X Link address are a unique feature. When modular machine configurations change, it is necessary, for example, to define specific module groups at a fixed address that is independent of the preceding modules in the line. All subsequent standard modules refer to this offset and use it automatically for addressing purposes.

Automation Studio Donanım Güncellemeleri Version (Date) Download
V2.6 HW Upgrade (X67DO9332.L12) EXE / 413 KB
V3.0 HW Upgrade (X67DO9332.L12) EXE / 412 KB
V4.0 HW Upgrade (X67DO9332.L12) EXE / 284 KB
Dokümantasyon Version (Date) Download
Datasheet X67DO9332.L12 PDF / 415 KB
X67 System User´s Manual PDF / 19 MB
E-CAD (Elektrik veya EPLAN Taslakları) Version (Date) Download
X67 EPLAN P8 EXE / 85 MB
X67 EPLAN P8 from V2.4 EXE / 105 MB
M-CAD (Mekanik Taslaklar) Version (Date) Download
3D File DXF/STEP X67 High Density ZIP / 731 KB
Sertifikalar Version (Date) Download
244665 CSA HazLoc Certificate of Compliance X20, X67 PDF / 56 KB
E115267 UL CoC X67 PDF / 84 KB
Safe cutoff of potential groups PDF / 147 KB
TÜV 05 ATEX 7201 X PDF / 129 KB

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