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General information
System requirements
Automation Studio 4.3.3 or later
Automation Runtime B4.34 or later
mapp Technology Package mapp View
Basic package license 1TGMPVIEW.00-01
Behavior when license is missing License violation indicated by red blinking LED
CE Not relevant
EAC Not relevant
UL Not relevant
Malzeme Numarası:
  • Animated display of the machine process
  • SVG graphics based on an open web standard
  • Zooming without loss in quality

Widget "Paper" makes it possible to easily animate graphics in the HMI application. This makes it considerably easier to create dynamic HMI applications for machine and process sequences.

Typical applications:
  • Visualizing a machine structure
  • Animating process sequences
Functional scope:

Widget "Paper" makes it possible to display SVG graphics. During runtime, these graphics can be modified, animated and zoomed without loss of quality. The following modifications to elements of an SVG graphic are possible:

  • Moving an element in the x- and y-direction
  • Rotating an element around a point
  • Enlarging or shrinking an element.
  • Changing the color of an element
  • Displaying/Hiding an element
  • Tracking a path element using another element
Daha fazla bilgi:

See the EULA at www.br-automation.com/eula.

Gerekli aksesuarlar
Technology Guard
0TG1000.01 Technology Guard (MSD)
0TG1000.02 Technology Guard (HID)
1TGMPVIEW.00-01 Contains mapp View server, one client license and a standard set of widgets
Sertifikalar Version (Date) Download
EULA (End User License Agreement) - AR & mapp Technology PDF / 321 KB

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