General information
Short description Push-in terminal block, 2-row, for 8EIxXxMxx.. servo drives, connector X1 (power system)
CE Yes
UL cULus E225616
Power conversion equipment
Terminal block
Note Label 3: PE L3 L2(N) L1 DC- DC+
C keying: 000010
Locking mechanism: Click and lock system
Number of pins 6
Type of terminal block Push-in spring connector
Cable type Only copper wires (no aluminum wires!)
Coding C
Pitch 7.62 mm
Wire stripping length 15 mm
Connection cross section
AWG wire 24 to 8 AWG
Wire end sleeves with plastic covering 0.25 to 4 mm²
Single-wire 0.2 to 10 mm²
Fine-stranded wires 0.2 to 6 mm²
With wire end sleeves 0.25 to 6 mm²
Electrical properties
Nominal voltage 1000 V (IEC) / 600 V (UL)
Nominal current 41 A (IEC) / 31 A (UL)
Mechanical properties
Width 53.7 mm
Height 35 mm
Depth 41.5 mm
Weight 55 g
Material number:
Push-in terminal block, 6-pin, 2-row, with locking mechanism, spacing: 7.62 mm, label 3: PE L3 N(L2) L1 DC- DC+, C keying: 000010

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