General information
B&R ID code 0xF9F2
Cooling Passive
Power button No
Reset button Yes
Status indicators Operating state, terminating resistor LEDs, interface status
Buzzer No
mapp View Yes
Controller redundancy No
Visual Components support Yes
CE Yes
UL In preparation
EAC In preparation
Real-time clock Nonvolatile, resolution 1 s
Type Intel Atom x5-E3940
Clock frequency 1600 MHz
Number of cores 4
Architecture 14 nm
Thermal design power (TDP) 9.5 W
L1 cache
Data code 32 kB
Program code 32 kB
L2 cache 2 MB
Intel 64 architecture Yes
Intel Hyper-Threading Technology No
Intel vPro Technology No
Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) Yes
Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) Yes
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology Yes
Mode/Node switches No
Remanent variables 64 kB FRAM, retention >10 years
Shortest task class cycle time 0.4 ms
Typical instruction cycle time 0.01 µs
Chipset Apollo Lake
Real-time clock
Accuracy At 25°C: Typ. 12 ppm (1 second) per day
Self-discharge time Approx. 8 years
Battery-backed Yes
Memory size 4 GB
Velocity DDR4L-2133
Memory interface width Dual channel
Removable No
Controller Intel HD Graphics
Max. dynamic graphics frequency 600 MHz
Color depth Max. 32-bit
DirectX support 12
OpenGL support 4.3
Application memory
Type Flash memory 5 GB NVMe pSLC
Data retention 10 years
Writable data amount
Theoretical 150 TBW
Client workload 90 TBW
Error-correcting code (ECC) Yes
Power management ACPI 5.0
Type TFT color
Diagonal 15.6"
Colors 16.7 million LVDS
Resolution HD
1366 x 768 px
Contrast Typ. 1000:1
Viewing angles
Horizontal Direction L / Direction R = Typ. 85°
Vertical Direction U / Direction D = Typ. 85°
Type LED
Brightness Typ. 400 cd/m²
Half-brightness time 70,000 h
Filter glass
Transmittance ≥85%
Touch screen
Type Multi-touch
Technology PCT (projected capacitive touch)
Surface Glass, chemically hardened (6H)
Screen rotation Yes
Interface IF1
Fieldbus POWERLINK V2 managing or controlled node
Type Type 4
Variant 1x RJ45 shielded
Line length Max. 100 m between 2 nodes (segment length)
Max. transfer rate 100 Mbit/s
Interface IF2
Type Ethernet
Variant 1x RJ45 shielded
Line length Max. 100 m between 2 nodes (segment length)
Max. transfer rate 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Physical layer 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T
Half-duplex Yes
Full-duplex Yes
Autonegotiation Yes
Interface IF3
Variant Internal Ethernet interface
Interface IF4
Type USB 3.0
Variant Type A
Current-carrying capacity 1 A
Interface IF5
Fieldbus USB 3.0
Variant Type A
Current-carrying capacity 1 A
Interface IF6
Fieldbus X2X Link master
Max. distance Max. 100 m between 2 nodes (segment length)
Interface IF7
Type CAN bus
Variant 3 pins of the 10-pin multipoint connector
Galvanically isolated
Max. transfer rate
Bus length ≤25 m 1 Mbit/s
Bus length ≤60 m 500 kbit/s
Bus length ≤200 m 250 kbit/s
Bus length ≤1000 m 50 kbit/s
Interface IF9
Type RS232
Variant 3 pins of the 10-pin multipoint connector
Transfer rate Max. 115.2 kbit/s
Electrical properties
Nominal voltage 24 VDC ±25%, SELV/PELV
Nominal current 1.7 A
Inrush current Typ. 5 A, max. 100 A for < 50 μs
Power consumption 40.8 W
Fuse 10 A fast, internal
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Galvanic isolation No
Electrical isolation POWERLINK (IF1), Ethernet (IF2), X2X Link (IF6) and CAN (IF7) to each other, to other interfaces and to the base device
Operating conditions
Permissible mounting orientations
Standard mounting orientation Vertical
Rotation In 90° increments (portrait/landscape)
Degree of protection per EN 60529 In preparation: Front: IP65, Back: IP20
Ambient conditions
Operation -20 to 60°C
Storage -20 to 70°C
Transport -20 to 70°C
Relative humidity See section "Temperature/Humidity diagrams".
Operation Max. 3000 m
Mechanical properties
Design Black
Width 414 mm
Height 285.5 mm
Depth 43.2 mm
Weight 3.3 kg
Material number:
Power Panel C80, 15.6", glass front, fieldbus interfaces: 1x CAN bus, 1x RS232. CPU and memory: 1600 MHz (Intel Atom E3940), 4 GB DRAM, 64 kB FRAM, 4 GB onboard flash drive. Display and touch screen: 15.6", 1366 x 768 (HD) resolution, projected capacitive touch screen, multi-touch support, glass front with black frame, landscape and portrait format configurable with software. Interfaces: 1x POWERLINK, 1x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, 1x X2X Link, 2x USB 3.0, 1x CAN bus, 1x RS232.
Included in delivery
Terminal blocks
0TB1210.3100 Connector 300 VDC - 10-pin female - Cage clamp terminal block - Protected against vibration by the screw flange
0TB6102.3100-00 Accessory 2-pin cage clamp terminal block (3.81)
Optional Accessories
Terminal blocks
0TB6102.3000-00 2-pin accessory screw clamp terminal block (3.81)
USB accessories
5MMUSB.2048-01 USB 2.0 flash drive 2048 MB B&R
5MMUSB.4096-01 USB 2.0 flash drive 4096 MB B&R
5MMUSB.4096-02 USB 3.0 flash drive 4096 MB SLC - Only for HMI products
Automation Studio HW Upgrades Version (Date) Download
V4.9 HW Upgrade (4PPC80.156B-12B) EXE / 898 KB
BIOS Version (Date) Download
BIOS upgrade Apollo Lake (PPC1200/C80) ZIP / 4 MB
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Installation- / EMC-Guide PDF / 20 MB
Power Panel C80 user's manual PDF / 8 MB
Linux Images Version (Date) Download
V4.9 LX Upgrade PPC80 EXE / 172 MB
V4.9 LX Upgrade PPC80 ZIP ZIP / 171 MB
M-CAD (Mechan. Templates) Version (Date) Download
3D files DXF/STP 4PPC80.156B-1xx ZIP / 5 MB

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