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General information
System requirements
Automation Studio 4.3.3 or later
Automation Runtime B4.34 or later
mapp Technology Package mapp Control
Basic package license 1TGMPHYD.00-01
Behavior when license is missing Solid red LED indicates license violation
UN ECE-R10 Not relevant
CE Not relevant
UL Not relevant
EAC Not relevant
Material number:
  • Thermal pump protection
  • Maximum energy management
  • Smallest leaks possible
  • Shutdown protection
  • Overload protection

A pump protection feature protects servo pumps from overheating. In addition, it is possible to prevent an undesired shutdown of the drive.

Typical applications:
  • Injection molding machines
  • Bending machines
  • Hydraulic presses
Functional scope:

Pump protection include two functions. The first protects the drive from unintentional shutdown during overload operation. The second monitors the temperature of the pump based on speed and pressure and thus protects the pump from overheating. This makes it possible to operate the pump safely near its limits to make optimal use of the drive's potential.

Further information:

See the EULA at

Mandatory Accessories
Technology Guard
0TG1000.01 Technology Guard (MSD)
0TG1000.02 Technology Guard (HID)
Certificates Version (Date) Download
EULA (End User License Agreement) - AR & mapp Technology PDF / 321 KB

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