General information
CE Yes
KC Yes
Encoder power supply
Max. current 175 mA
Supply voltages 24 VDC (min. 20 V, max. 30 V)
Short-circuit proof, overload protection Yes
Incremental encoders
Max. input frequency 300 kHz
Input signals A, A\, B, B\ / AB / A
Input signals
Impedance 1.6 Ω
State 0 <1.5 V
State 1 >11.5 V and <25 V
Number of pulses per encoder revolution Max. 5000
Encoder input
Connection terminal block
Max. encoder cable length 500 m
General information
Encoder type Encoder interface card with push-pull outputs
Module type ACOPOSinverter plug-in module
Material number:
ACOPOSinverter P84 plug-in module, incremental encoder interface for push-pull HTL, 24 V supply voltage.

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