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Donation to Swiss foundation promoting early career development

B&R Switzerland supports young people starting their careers

The foundation is now active with ten branches throughout Switzerland. With the "lehre4you" (teaching4you) training/coaching program, this foundation has had great success in the market for over 11 years.

"We are thrilled to receive the sponsorship contribution. To feel our ideas are gaining more and more ac-ceptance in the economic sector is great motivation for us. Every cent is used to support young people. The support we provide places special emphasis on promoting personal responsibility. The young people receive training in goal-oriented methods, professional pride and identifying with companies where apprentices are trained," explains Vice President Daniel Heiz. "We are looking for special skills (everyone has certain talents) and then the profession that most profits from those skills. We therefore help young people help themselves," emphasizes Heiz. The special thing about this early career development, in addition to the personality training coursework, is that it includes organizing job interviews and providing support to the young people when talking with prospective employers.

"When submitting documents for a job application, this provides a great opportunity to place emphasis on introducing the applicant on a personal level," says Daniel Heiz. This national foundation is also the only organization that provides coaching for apprentices throughout the entire apprenticeship. "For many compa-nies, this is an important incentive for them to select apprentices from our program," adds Heiz.

Paolo Salvagno, Managing Director of B&R Switzerland states: "I am excited about this foundation's ideas. In my opinion, the economic sector has a clear social responsibility in the area of early career development. We also need employees who perhaps did not have the best grades in school, but are dedicated to working as skilled professionals in their field instead of going straight on to college after completing their final exams."

About the foundation for early career development:

The Swiss foundation for early career development is a private foundation financed mainly by companies, institutions and also private donors. In addition, they also work with cantonal offices, such as IV and social agencies. "The services are subject to a fee, but low income families are entitled to funds from social tariffs, which means that costs are either partially or completely covered by the foundation," explains Heiz.

Please contact us without hesitation if you have any questions., Daniel Heiz, Managing Director, 0848 570 570,

About B&R:

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