Today's hectic lifestyles have more and more people buying drinks on the run. As a result, the market for bottled and canned beverages is booming in India and all around the world. At the top of the list of preferred packing materials is plastic and the type of plastic most commonly used to bottle beverages is polyethylene terephthalate – more commonly known as PET. Over the years, PET bottles have grown in popularity amongst packaging experts due to their numerous benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. In addition to beverages, PET bottles are increasingly replacing the glass packaging that has dominated the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

To meet the rapid growth and demand in the packaging market, PET PLAST has made substantial investments over the past several years in research and development of its series of PET blow molding machines. With over 14 years of experience in the IT sector, Dheeraj Taneja founded PET PLAST in 2009. Combining advanced technologies to satisfy the requirements of bottling systems in India, PET PLAST set up its manufacturing unit in Faridabad, Delhi.

Efficient, eco-friendly innovation

With its focus on high-end technology and top quality and its customer centric business approach, PET PLAST has become a preferred supplier of PET blow molding machines. They are devoted to continuous technical research in order to build a good reputation and recognition for their brand. Best-in-class design and an in-house workshop operated by a strong and technically competent team enable PET PLAST to develop different kinds of fully and semi-automatic PET/PP/PC blowing machines and auxiliary equipment.

“We at PET PLAST believe in building strong, long-term partnerships – not only with our customers, but also with our vendors. This has always helped us achieve great results. Our combination of technology and expertise has raised the bar for PET manufacturing in India,” says Taneja. “According to our customers' requirements, we provide turnkey services including technical consulting, graphic design, installation, commissioning and technical training.”

Not only is PET PLAST determined to create machines that are green and efficient to operate, the company also believes in manufacturing them in a way that preserves the environment for future generations. “Our eco-friendly production utilises solar energy for around 20 percent of our factories' day-to-day energy needs,” says Taneja. “And, with our energy efficient machines, we pass on these advantages to our customers as well.”

PET PLAST manufacturers a wide range of PET/PP/PC Blowing Machines used by several manufacturing companies in making of packaged drinking water, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, edible oils, liquor, hair care, pesticide etc.

User-friendly, high-speed bottling

The fully automatic 4SFAS – 4500 machine from PET PLAST is designed for mass production of PET bottles. A hopper unit feeds preforms on guide rails, which are then loaded on the main conveyor using a servo-driven loading mechanism. One loading cycle is capable of loading four preforms on the main conveyor, which is also controlled using servo drives. These preforms then pass through a series of heaters with PID temperature control before entering the blowing zone, where they are formed into the desired shape determined by the mold.

“Replacing molds between production runs is an extremely laborious process that traditionally has taken over six hours,” says Taneja. “Having understood the market demands for reduced changeover times, we invested in upgrading the design and can now boast changeover times of less than one hour.”

The preforms at the blowing station need high-pressure followed by low-pressure blowing, synchronised with operation of the mold and stretch pin. Mold and stretch pin movements are also controlled using servo drives. Finished bottles are ejected and continue on to the subsequent stations for operations such as filling and capping. This has resulted in an all-electric, fully automatic PET blow molding machine with an output of up to 5400 bottles per hour.

High-speed performance, intelligent motion control

All-electric 4SFAS – 4500 is entirely controlled by B&R control systems, I/O modules and servo drives. This has resulted in higher productivity, improved accuracy and shorter changeover times.

“Reduced labour, easy and safe operation, high output, uniform quality and many IT-enabled features are the biggest advantages offered from B&R, which all contribute to making our system very efficient,” says Taneja.

B&R's ACOPOS P3 servo drives are used for the loader, indexer, clamping and stretching units. The machine's heating zones are software controlled using a versatile C-Series Power Panel from B&R. This reduces the need for separate PID units and I/O modules. ACOPOS P3 servo technology gives the machine higher positioning accuracy, mechanical compactness and modularity and allows all machine operations to be configured via the HMI.

With ACOPOS P3, B&R has set new standards for motion control providing a 69% smaller footprint with maximum power density.

With a short cycle time of 50 microseconds, ACOPOS P3 provides advanced motion control together with optimised energy consumption. ACOPOS P3 drives are precisely synchronised with the C-Series Power Panel controller via real-time POWERLINK communication, allowing the machine to achieve a top output rate of 5400 bottles per hour. All together, these features help PET PLAST achieve maximum productivity, resulting in lower cost per bottle and higher efficiency.

Secure, easy machine accessibility

With so many customers and even more machines in the field, one of the main challenges for PET PLAST has been the maintenance and service of its installed base. This typically means costly, time-consuming on-site service calls. B&R's Secure Remote Maintenance proved immensely valuable, allowing PET PLAST to connect with machines around the globe quickly and easily. Service technicians establish a connection from a PC, smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) anytime and anywhere.

The fully automatic 4SFAS – 4500 machine controlled by B&R control systems, I/O modules and servo drives has resulted in higher productivity, improved accuracy and shorter changeover times.
Dheeraj Taneja with his team.

B&R collaboration for Industry 4.0 readiness

PET PLAST is always on the lookout for future challenges and new market opportunities. High energy savings, comprehensive strength, perfect service, competitive pricing and cutting-edge technology have made PET PLAST a force to reckon with in India.

“Today, the biggest trend in our industry is collaboration of machinery with the Internet,” says Taneja. “Using the latest technology with advanced features such as condition monitoring and cloud connectivity makes machines smart and connected. Collaborating with B&R has given us access to such technology and made our machines competitive on the global market.”

Adopting newer technologies helps PET PLAST improve quality and production volume. This contributes to the company’s stated goal of building superior blow molding machines that meet the demands of domestic and international markets. “PET PLAST and B&R will work hand-in-hand to build better machines,” concludes Taneja. “Our partnership has already led to great success, and we look forward to achieving even more in the future.”

Dheeraj Taneja

Owner , PET PLAST India

“Reduced labour, easy and safe operation, high output, uniform quality and many IT-enabled features are the biggest advantages offered from B&R, which all contribute to making our system very efficient.”

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