Technology, people and expertise come together in Enabling The Adaptive Machine

Changing consumer demand and behaviour is forcing companies to change the way they manufacture their products; increasing throughput, reducing cost and speeding time to market are common themes today. And OEM machine builders must respond to these demands with innovative and flexible designs that provide real-world performance to meet these needs.

At B&R Industrial Automation UK we understand these challenges and work with some of the worlds largest processing, assembly and packaging machine builders to help them engineer this future.

High performing and reliable products are just the start. We work directly with a solution sales and application engineering methodology to understand the fundamental needs of an application, and then ensure the latest industry and application expertise is offered to deliver the best technical and commercial outcomes.


B&R Industrial Automation are the machine and factory automation centre for ABB

  • Control & I/O systems
  • Industrial & panel PCs
  • Motion control drives & mechatronics
  • Independent Shuttle Transport Systems
  • Integrated Machine Vision
  • Machine and end-of-line Robot solutions
  • IIoT edge connectivity and OEE reporting systems
  • Energy utilisation, condition monitoring & process data acquisition software

Whether a small machine builder looking for the next control platform, an end user looking to implement Industry 4.0 concepts to build a smart factory, or a current B&R user exploring our latest technology, we are ready to help.

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